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"Alpine Sports Coaching's affiliates play a crucial role in enhancing your ride experience. Access the essential parts to make your ride truly memorable, pamper your legs with soothing massages, and ensure a proper bike setup to maximize your potential.".

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Life is like riding a bike!

"Just as unexpected twists may arise, always carry a spare. Preparedness is the key to conquering the unknown paths ahead."

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Treat yourself!

"Take care of your body, and it will take care of you."

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Set yourself up right!

"Finding the perfect adjustment is like tuning an instrument; it brings harmony to your ride."

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  • "All bike fits at IrmFit are based on a thorough pre-fit examination, including a history of injuries, past problems, on-bike issues, and cycling goals. Your bike will be fitted based on natural movement patterns, and range of motion to suit your riding style and optimize comfort and performance."
  • "At IrmFit each massage treatment, I assess what the body is capable of, and based on the findings, I use one or a combination of deep tissue, scar reduction, trigger point release, fascia release, and sports massages to remove your pain."
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The Body Centre

  • "Sports massage provides a myriad of advantages for individuals, whether they are athletes or not. It contributes to improved flexibility by elongating and loosening muscles. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of injuries and expediting the recovery process."
  • "Embrace the healing power of movement; whether in a group setting or individually, we provide diverse movement options. Engage in Pilates sessions to enhance core strength, and flexibility, and participate in sport-specific classes for a holistic fitness experience."
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